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Fisherman's Shed of Kase Ants













Fisherman's Shed of Kase Ants has been preserved as a whole and the visitors have the opportunity to see fishing nets, fisherman's tools and clothing from the soviet time and the early 21st century.

Photos of Lohusalu village and local fishermen are exhibited.

We are open by request, phone: +372 6715 619, +372 56 906 917 or info@kasemty.eu.

Free admission.

Hans Migur, mostly known as Kase Ants, was a fisherman who lived his whol e life in Lohusalu. Ants was a friendly man, everybody knew him and he always had a story or two to tell about either Lohusalu village and it’s people or soviet soldiers from Paldiski. He always told his stories while sitting leaned forward, elbows resting on his knees, eyes looking at the floor.

Ants built his shed by himself in the early 1980s. A fisherman’s own shed plays a big role in the fisherman’s life. This is where he keeps his fishing nets, boxes and other useful things, perhaps even a bottle of vodka. An own shed is a fisherman’s refuge where others have no business to.


It’s really just a simple shed right next to another, yet it stores memories from almost thirty years and the items inside also tell a story. Ants’s story.


The sea took Ants' life in 2007 and his shed stood untouched for five years. Since 2012 it is opened as a small museum in hope to keep the memories of Lohusalu and it’s fishermen.